Wednesday, June 19, 2019
10:00 Open Chapter Meeting
12:00 to 1:00 and Presentation
1 Hour CEU Credit

Open Networking and
Business Marketing


United Way Houston
50 Waugh Dr
Houston, TX 77007

Lunch Sponsored by: High Complexity Laboratories

At High Complexity Labs we perform urine toxicology, hematology and histology testing. Our services are primarily used by drug rehabilitation, pain management facilities, private physician practices and clinics, as well as certain businesses. Our clients are those who require a clinical laboratory to test patient/employee urine samples for the presence of certain drugs as well as doctors who need comprehensive wellness and allergy testing for their patients.

High Complexity Labs is committed to providing reliable, innovative and value-focused substance abuse screening products and blood lab services to our clients. Urine toxicology is a primary focus of our business, thus enabling us to develop the experience and resources to ensure that our clients are able to keep pace with new trends in drug abuse.

Texas Association of Addiction Professionals
Houston Chapter

TAAP is part of NAADAC and represents the professional interests of addiction counselors, educators and other addiction-focused health care professionals in Texas. An important part of the healthcare continuum, NAADAC members and its 47 state affiliates work to create healthier individuals, families and communities through prevention, intervention, quality treatment and recovery support.

The Houston TAAP Chapter does not endorse the speakers, associated companies or sponsors but we are grateful for collaborative education in the industry. If you are interested in sponsoring or providing information about other educational events to post on TAAP emails or social media, please email us here.